Agility 102

Dog jumping at an agility trial

To enroll in this class a dog/handler team must have graduated from AGILITY 101, or have permission from Lynn Sigman.


This class is tailored to the needs of a team that expects to be competitive in agility. Dogs at this level are encouraged to focus on Obstacles. Class is mainly Obstacle Training. Obstacle performance is stressed (contact and weave pole training in particular).

Graduation from Agility 102 requires:

1) a start-line stay (maintaining a stay in front of an obstacle)

2) Understanding and performance of each agility obstacle

3) Successfully negotiating a MadCo Rally course without use of leash.

It is expected that most dogs will repeat this class 2 or more times before graduating. Classes WILL NOT be the same for every session; each lesson will be tailored to the needs of the current group.