Agility 101

To enroll in this class a dog/handler team must have graduated from an obedience class at a local school or have permission from Lynn Sigman.

This class is tailored to the needs of a team that expects to be competitive in agility. Agility 101 is mix of puppy obedience, rally obedience and intro to agility obstacles. Dogs are encouraged to focus on the Handler. Handlers will be encouraged to utilize body language, hand signals and voice commands to maneuver the pup. Obstacle focus will be lightly covered.

Most exercises will be done on leash. To be enrolled in the class, dogs will be expected to be able to sit, down and walk on a loose leash.

Graduation from Agility 101 requires:

1) a 30-sec sit or down stay without distractions;

2) successfully negotiating a MadCo Rally course on loose leash;

3) recall with distractions.

A beginner may expect to take this class 2 or 3 times before graduating. Classes WILL NOT be the same for every session; each lesson will be tailored to the needs of the current group.

“Lynn has helped me and my dogs become a real team. She has given me great insight on my approach to agility and has helped me in establishing a strong agility foundation on my young puppy and future agility partner.”…..Carolyn N.