Agility Classes

Agility is one way to bond and have fun with your dog. You are your dog becoming a team on a course that is challenging for both human and companion. Start having fun with your dog today!

New Beginner students should expect to take privates until the dog fully understands obstacles and sequencing. Privates are scheduled at a cost of $1/minute, i.e. 45 minutes = $45. I schedule them for 1 hour, but they only pay for the time actually used, as young dogs often cannot work for a whole hour. Once the dog/handler team can sequence 5 or so obstacles, I find a group of peers to form another class.

About Our Classes

Schnauzer jumping an agility jump at a MAD Co agility trialClass Sessions: All Agility Classes are 5 week sessions. To see when the next session starts, visit our calendar.

Training Methods: All training methods used are positive based training with an open mind that not one approach works for every dog.

Equipment: Competition regulation equipment is used in class. The equipment is well maintained and kept in great condition for the safety of your dog.

Class Atmosphere: Classes are kept positive, fun, and supportive from both the instructor and fellow students.

Class Time: Each dog is given ample time to work and be successful in every class regardless of class level.

Class Cost: $100.00 (total class cost not a per week cost).

Class Schedule: Classes are offered both in the mornings and evenings, and in two locations for your convenience. Check our calendar to find a class and time that suits your schedule.

To get started today, fill out our questionnaire and someone from our program will contact you shortly.